Tegan & Sara & Chris Walla

Tegan & Sara's 'The Con' is a great album. I don't love-it-love-it, but I've been listening to it more than anything else - and I think it keeps getting better and better - some of the songs are really catchy. Here are all the videos associated with the album so far....

'Back in Your Head'

Canada's folk-punk twins Tegan and Sara unveil the first video from their infectious new record, 'The Con,' exclusively on Spinner. 'Back in Your Head' -- directed by fellow Canadian Jamie Travis -- finds the pair performing in a talent show to a zombie-like crowd decked out in balaclavas. "I have clung to the theme of escape, a general ambience of eeriness and, more specifically, [Sara's] fixation on balaclavas," Travis tells Spinner. Good luck getting this song, well, out of your head. Yeah, we went there. [Spinner]

Stream the whole new album @ Spinner too (and @ MySpace), and here are three behind-the-scenes videos...

Back In Your Head [Video Chapter]

Hop A Plane [Video Chapter]

The Con [Video Chapter]

Webster Hall is now sold out too. All Tegan & Sara tour dates here.