As teased, Vince Staples launched The Vince Staples Show today. According to a press release, the show "showcases Staples’ music and unfiltered personality in short videos set in some of the wild situations Staples finds himself in," and the first episode does indeed put Vince in a very wild situation. You can watch the episode below. The show was directed by Calmatic, who Vince previously worked with on his video for "Fun," and who also directed the "Old Town Road" video.

Each episode "revolves around a pivotal moment" where a new original Vince Staples song plays, and that song will also get released as a standalone single along with the episode. The first episode's single is "So What?," which very much continues the hot streak Vince has been on lately. Listen below. "So What?" is also Vince's first single for Motown Records.

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