Vince Staples recently said he'd finally be following 2018's great FM! with a self-titled album this summer, and then another album called Ramona Park Break My Heart after that. Now he has revealed details on the self-titled album, which arrives July 9 via Blacksmith/Motown, and which was entirely produced by FM! contributor Kenny Beats. "It really gives much more information about me that wasn’t out there before," Vince says of the album. "That’s why I went with that title. I feel like I’ve been trying to tell the same story. As you go on in life, your point of view changes. This is another take on myself that I might not have had before."

"I’m a mind more than I am an entertainer to a lot of people," he adds. "I appreciate that my fanbase is willing to go on this ride with me. I’m ready to diversify what we’re doing and see how we affect the world."

First single "Law of Averages" is out now, and it finds Vince pairing clear-eyed raps with some airy, high-pitched, James Blake/Bon Iver-esque vocals. It kind of finds the middle ground between his more straightforward rap side and the experimental electronics of Big Fish Theory, but it also sounds like a total step forward for Vince. Listen and watch the video (directed by Kid. Studio), set in Vince's hometown of Long Beach, below.

Vince Staples

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