As mentioned, Constant Elevation -- the band started by vocalist Vinnie Caruana (The Movielife, I Am The Avalanche, Peace'd Out) and drummer Sammy Siegler (Youth of Today, Judge, CIV, Rival Schools, Glassjaw, etc) -- have expanded into a five-piece band that also features bassist Jani Zubkovs (Caspian) and guitarists Mike Ireland (I Am The Avalanche, Pass Away) and Jim Carroll (Spiral Heads, American Nightmare, The Suicide File), and they're releasing their first EP as a full band (and second overall), Freedom Beach, on August 7 via Revelation Records (pushed back from 7/31). You can pre-order it at the Rev webstore.

We recently posted lead single "Bob X. Cursion" and we're now premiering another track, "KRS Two." Like the previous single, "KRS Two" is a dose of whiplash-inducing, muscular, melodic hardcore that's even crisper and tighter than the band's debut EP. This band is the closest Vinnie has come to straight-up hardcore since The Movielife's Revelation-released 2000 album This Time Next Year, and with the relentless Sammy Siegler behind the kit, the backbone couldn't be stronger. Listen:

We also spoke to Vinnie and Sammy about the music that influenced the upcoming EP, and they picked five records each and talked a bit about each one. Here's what they said:


Side by Side - You’re Only Young Once

The spirit of SBS lives in these tunes. Still one of the coolest hxc releases. SBS should be in the conversation a bit more as far as bands that helped influence the next generation.

Sick Of It All - Blood Sweat No Tears

I’d always go in my brother’s rooms and listen to their music when they weren’t around. When they found hardcore, so did I. This CD was one of the 1st I wore out. I listened to this yesterday. It’s a 10/10. No bad songs.

Minor Threat - Out of Step

This the 1st hardcore record I ever heard. Blasted this in my Walkman as I mowed my parent’s lawn. Every time I mowed the lawn. Another record that has no bad songs, and more melody then it gets credit for.

Sepultura - Roots

When I wrote the big mosh in "Bob X. Cursion," I definitely referenced the kind of mosh parts that are all over this record.


Straight Ahead - Breakaway 12”

I’m a huge Straight Ahead fan, they had elements of Bad Brains and Youth Crew, but with blast beats and anthemic mosh parts, this inspired the first song on the EP for me, “I Love You And I Never Want You To Die”, I don’t often play blast beats, but figured this could be a good time.

BOLD - Speak Out

BOLD had a way of incorporating late '80s hip hop style into their whole thing, Tim would always show up to The Anthrax on a Friday night for a show with some crisp NIKES on. Musically they had their own thing as well, I had Drew’s fills, (one specifically) in mind on this EP.

7Seconds - New Wind

I’ve always had 7Seconds in mind when thinking of Constant Elevation, mainly because like Kevin, Vinnie can sing, hold/write/carry a melody. Only thing is that we recorded this EP after playing a few shows in a row, his voice was raw in a great way and he went for it.

Public Enemy - "Yo! Bum Rush The Show"

I remember listening to this on the Youth of Today Tour in 1988 -- PE, Audio Two, BDP and a few others, Hip Hop from that era especially always had ties to the hardcore community. PE is from LI as is Vinnie, it’s something he and I bond on.


Listen to previous single "Bob X. Cursion" and check out the artwork and tracklist:

Constant Elevation

1. I Love You And I Never Want You To Die
2. KRS Two
3. Bob X. Cursion
4. Freedom Beach

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