Two longtime staples of New York hardcore and punk, The Movielife/I Am The Avalanche frontman Vinnie Caruana and the absurdly busy drummer Sammy Siegler (of Youth of Today, Judge, CIV, Rival Schools, Glassjaw, and more), have been friends since Sammy filled in for The Movielife on a 2002 tour, and now they've got a new band together, Constant Elevation. Sammy, who's usually a drummer, started writing songs on guitar and then recruited Vinnie to sing, and eventually the band's debut, three-song, self-titled 7" was born. It comes out on September 20 via Revelation Records (pre-order), and you can stream lead single/opening track "Fuck Runnin'" now. It's very rooted in the type of NYHC that Sammy helped pioneer -- which was always a huge influence on The Movielife -- and it's some of Vinnie's most rippin' stuff in this style since The Movielife's Revelation Records-released 2000 classic This Time Next Year. Listen:

The band also have a NYC record release show scheduled for September 5 at Throne Watches (200 Morgan Ave). No other upcoming dates are scheduled at the moment.

Read more about Constant Elevation came to be, via the band's bio:

When Sammy met Vinnie...

Sammy Siegler was filling in for Vinnie Caruana’s The Movielife on a European tour, perhaps sometime around 2002. It was a super last-minute thing; The Movielife’s drummer couldn’t make it, Sammy got the call, and, after one rehearsal, they were off across the pond. There, a friendship was formed, a musical bond was made, all was lovely. Musically, however, that was really it for the two of them—until 2018.

As a drummer in bands such as CIV, Rival Schools, Glassjaw, Youth of Today, and others, Sammy Siegler contributed with beats, vibe & spirit, some arrangements, and the occasional riff, song title or lyric. It wasn’t until early 2018 that he really sat down and wrote complete songs. That’s right—he grabbed his miniature Taylor acoustic signed by Shawn Mendez, turned it upside down as a lefty will do on a righty guitar, and busted out some bangers. In his mind it was epic, and he needed to make them come to life. He called on studio wiz Davey Warsop (BAD COP/BAD COP, THROWDOWN, VANISHING LIFE) and his WORLD BE FREE bandmates Andrew Kline, Joe Garlipp, and Alex Baretto to record the songs, seven in total. Sammy was pleased, stoked, chuffed, but since this was a new project, it needed vocals. Preferably someone who got hardcore references, can carry a melody, and write some crucial lyrics... What about the skinny fellow who loves Soccer, he thought, Vinnie Caruana.

Vinnie Caruana had been very productive himself, releasing music and touring with The Movielife, I Am The Avalanche, Peace’d Out, and solo projects, as well as writing music & lyrics for other artists. Having never really fit lyrics into pre-recorded songs, this was new territory for Vinnie. He was up for the challenge.

That summer of 2018, Sammy and Vinnie drove out to Barbershop Studios, a converted 100-year-old stone church on the edge of scenic Lake Hopatcong. Together, with producer Brett Romnes, the final result is “Fuck Runnin’,” “Mouth In Motion,” and “Fletch”—three rippers on the Constant Elevation debut release.

SIDE A 1. Fuck Runnin'
SIDE B 1. Mouth In Motion 2. Fletch

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