Vinyl Williams, aka LA psych artist Lionel Williams, will release new album Azure on June 5 via Requiem Pour Un Twister. If you dig astral psych a la Dungen, this is similarly sun-dappled stuff. We've got the premiere of the vibraphone-powered "Soft Soul," which Williams calls, "a silky dream, meant to hint at the fleeting beauty of your own angle of perception, and reveal a way to acknowledge, embrace & infinitely work within your own illusory projections, to ultimately manifest them." He adds, "There are definitely some impressions of how the quantum world works encoded in the lyrics as well. This is the first 'soft' song I've ever released, so I hope it soothes the soul as well as opens the mind."

Listen to that below.

Azure tracklist:
1. LA Egypt
2. Mithras
3. Zum
4. Soft Soul
5. Never Tell The World
6. Machu Picchu
7. Heaven
8. Azure
9. Sunny Moon
10. Magicland
11. Earth Observatory