Connecticut hardcore-infused death metallers Vomit Forth dropped a three-song promo via Maggot Stomp on New Year's Day 2021, and revealed at the time that they'd be recording their debut album Seething Malevolence. Now the album has been announced, and it comes out July 8 via their new label home, Century Media (pre-order). The album was self-produced and then mixed and mastered by Power Trip collaborator Arthur Rizk, and the just-released title track is a great example of this band's ferocious take on death metal. Listen below.

“We’re excited and grateful to be working with Century Media,” says frontman Kane Gelaznik via press release. "Going back to buying CD’s from Asphyx, Merauder or Napalm Death, we’ve been fans of the label and really see them as a forward-thinking force in death metal. That’s the same attitude and vision we have towards our band and music – it’s no rules but our rules."

Century Media Vice President of A&R, Mike Gitter adds, "Hearing the unmixed record the band had produced themselves before they had signed with CM blew me away. While the band’s influences in death metal and hardcore are present, that’s just where it starts. Vomit Forth is onto something deeper and more extreme."

1. Intro
2. Eucharist Intact
3. Pain Tolerance
4. Tortured Sacrament
5. Unrecognizable
6. Seething Malevolence
7. Severely Wounded
8. Carnivorous Incantation
9. I Feel Nothing
10. Predatory Savior
11. Pious Killing Floor

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