addition to the bands, the food booths, carnival rides, and beer, Voodoo Fest 2016, which [opened] Friday (October 28) in City Park, [had] a creepy new feature. The annual fest [installed] a 30,000-square-foot Halloween haunted graveyard for the amusement of thrill-seeking attendees.

Jeff Borne, an audio-visual special effects expert and founder of the much-feared Mortuary haunted house on Canal Street, is the mastermind of the new undertaking, so it certainly has preternaturally spooky potential.

Ironically, though Voodoo Fest is always coincident with Halloween weekend and attendees often arrive in elaborate costumes, the festival has never exactly gotten into the traditional Halloween gestalt. Borne said he's been employed to correct that horrible oversight. []

Voodoo Experience continued on Saturday with the haunted graveyard and sets by Cakes Da Killa, Ghost, Cage the Elephant, Shakey Graves (in the Toyota Music Den), Die Antwoord, Tool and more. Our first set of photos, many costumed attendees included, are in the gallery above.

Check our our Vooodoo Friday photos HERE and HERE, and read about Arcade Fire's Sunday night set HERE. UPDATE: our first set of Sunday pics HERE. Stay tuned for more from Sunday and Saturday (including Bully and Lennon/Claypool).

Setlist: Tool @ Voodoo Fest -- 10/29/2016
Third Eye
The Grudge
Forty-Six & 2

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