Vouna is the project of Yianna Bekris (also of Vradiazei and Eigenlicht), and she's set to follow her 2018 self-titled debut album with Atropos on July 16 via Profound Lore (pre-order). The new album is said to be more guitar-heavy than her synth-focused debut, while still making room for "an abundance of vintage '90s synthesizers" as well as analog synths and folk and orchestral instrumentation, and you can hear that on lead single/opening track "Highest Mountain," a 9-minute song that fuses tornadic black metal, crushing doom metal, and ethereal goth.

"This song is about someone who is dying and wants to be buried at the peak of the highest mountain as their final wish," Yianna tells us. "I have always been fascinated with mountains, and I even named this project after them (Vouna meaning mountains in Greek), and it seems like such an honor to be buried at the top of a tall mountain. It isn't necessarily about a specific mountain that exists."

"The song begins with the peaceful sounds of Asia Kindred Moore playing the harp. From here, I switch the moods throughout the first half of the song often in order to represent the weather on a mountain which can change very quickly, especially when moving through altitudes and ecosystems. This happens until I bring back the main theme of the song. When that finally comes back, I start the vocal melody low and layer higher and higher vocal harmonies to represent summiting the mountain. Caitlin Fate plays electric lap steel in this section which adds a feeling of triumph. I end the song with some serenity as the subject of my song has been granted their final wish, and the freeze effect on the vocals at the end are the winds heard at the pinnacle."

In addition to Asia Kindred Moore and members of the Vouna live band, the new album also features Wolves in the Throne Room's Nathan Weaver on guest vocals and Entrail on violin.

Listen to the new song below...

1. Highest Mountain
2. Vanish
3. What Once Was Reprise
4. Grey Sky
5. What Once Was


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