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Seraphim at A389 Anniversary (more by Chris Bavaria)

Crushing space-core will collide with riffy hardcore when Voyager and Monolith will team up with the touring Seraphim and Altered State for a show at Cake Shop on June 5th. The show is one of two NYC shows for the Seraphim/Altered State touring party. The second is sooner, 5/27, at new Bushwick venue Acheron with Divider and Colony.

The Cake Shop show will double as a release party for a new Voyager / Monolith split LP which will be the inaugural release on the new Science of Silence Records ("A NEW LABEL VENTURE RELEASING LIMITED EDITION VINYL FOR THE BEST IN POST-ROCK, INSTRUMENTAL & AVANT-GARDE METAL"). Voyager's "There Is No Hope" is the 5th song of the six song album. Download that track for free above, preorder the whole record at The Omega Order before it drops on June 8th, and check out the full tracklist below.

Seraphim's debut 7" is out NOW on A389 records. The band is recording their debut LP at the end of this month with Chainsaw Safety handling the CD/Digital honors and A389 doing the vinyl.

Speaking of space-core, the band self-described as "music for astronauts" (Rosetta) will play Union Pool on FRIDAY (5/28), alongside Ken Mode, Engineer, and My America.

All tour dates and some video below....


1) The Blinding Light (Monolith, 8:40)
2) Shipwreck (Monolith, 12:58)
3) Backbreaker (Voyager, 9:11)
4) Cold (Voyager, 4:55)
5) There Is No Hope (Voyager, 5:29)
6) Stasis (Voyager, 3:58) *Bonus Digital Track*

Seraphim @ The D.A.V. Tupelo, MS 8/07/09

May 25 2010 Anchors Up / Welfare Records Haverhill, Massachuse, US
Jun 5 2010 Cake Shop New York, NY

May 24 2010 @tba help book anywhere VT/NH, Vermont, US
May 25 2010 @anchors up w/altered state Haverhill, Massachuse, US
May 26 2010 @1222 commonwealth ave allston, ma
May 27 2010 @bushwick music studios w/altered state brooklyn, New York , US
Jun 2 2010 @ the Broad Street Ministry 2nd floor (small room)w/ altered state philadelphia, Pennsylvan, US
Jun 3 2010 @charmcityartspace w/ altered state, engineer baltimore, Maryland
Jun 4 2010 @The Barn w/altered state wilmington, Delaware
Jun 5 2010 @TBA brooklyn vegan w/altered state NYC, New York, US
Jun 6 2010 @TBA help book anywhere, New Jersey, US
Jun 7 2010 @corpse fortress w/altered state washington dc, Washington, US
Jun 9 2010 @CFBG w/altered state greensboro, North Caro, US
Jun 10 2010 @sk net w/altered state charlotte, North Caro, US
Jun 12 2010 @the basement w/altered state myrtle beach, South Caro, US
Jun 13 2010 @TBA help book anywhere, South Caro, US
Jun 14 2010 @TBA help book anywhere, South Caro, US
Jun 15 2010 @124 oak ave w/altered state griffin, Georgia , US
Jun 19 2010@the farside w/soul control tallahassee, fl
Jun 20 2010 @ballard park tupelo, ms
Jul 12 2010 tupelo skate park tupelo, ms
Jul 13 2010 @bonesaw sylvania, al
Jul 18 2010 @the albion house weekend nachos record release chicago, il
Jul 18 2010 @the albion house weekend nachos record release chicago, il
Jul 18 2010 @the albion house weekend nachos record release chicago, il
Jul 18 2010 @the albion house weekend nachos record release chicago, il
Jul 21 2010 @eclipse records st. paul, minnesota
Jul 27 2010 @house show boise, id
Jul 28 2010 @cretin hop spokane, wa
Aug 1 2010 @16th st cafe sacramento, ca

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