North Carolina noise rockers Wailin Storms will follow 2020's acclaimed Rattle with a new album, The Silver Snake Unfolds, on July 22 via Gilead Media. The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered at NJ's Gradwell House with Dave Downham, and the lead single is "Broken Into Three," an atmospheric, ominous song that falls somewhere between Kowloon Walled City, Unsane, and Daughters and kinda sounds like the musical equivalent of the black-and-white, industrial factory press photo featured above. Vocalist/guitarist Justin Storms says:

“Broken Into Three” came to me very quickly via Automatic Writing. Most of the lyrics and the melody for this one fell out of the sky like God flicking a lit
cigarette at my head from the smoking section in heaven. This song is based on memories of living in Baltimore during one the hottest summers I’ve experienced. I just moved out of Texas and was living in a 400 square ft attic apartment made in the 1800s. I spent most of my time going to warehouse parties, bars, and walking around the city taking photos which was mostly desolate at night.

One summer night a friend invited me to a dance party happening at this place called the Lithuanian Dance Hall. I was tired of sweating in my tiny apartment and decided to walk a few miles to the place where I met a group of people that would become close friends over time. We partied hard that night and drank many Lithuanian beers. We swayed to old soul records that at one point were being spun by none other than John Waters himself. By the end of the night, I developed a crush for a girl that had scoliosis and we danced the night away in a sweaty smoke filled basement below the Lithuanian Dance Hall.

Listen below.

The band is also heading out on tour, including a Brooklyn show on July 30 at The Broadway. All dates are listed below.

Wailin Storms

1. In The Heart Of The Sea
2. Broken Into Three
3. Sunday Morning Ceremony
4. Drag
5. Who Took Our Drugs
6. The Silver Snake Unfolds And Swallows The Black Night Whole
7. Concrete Covers Dead Lovers
8. Carolina Moon

Wailin Storms -- 2022 Tour Dates
7/28 - Cobra Cabana, Richmond, VA
7/29 - Ortlieb's, Philadelphia, PA
7/30 - The Broadway, Brooklyn, NY
7/31 - Holy Frijoles, Baltimore, MD
8/01 - Government Center, Pittsburgh, PA
8/02 - PJ's Lager House, Detroit, MI
8/03 - Empty Bottle, Chicago, IL
8/04 - Black Circle Brewing, Indianapolis, IN
8/05 - Kaiju, Louisville, KY
8/06 - Drkmttr, Nashville, TN
8/07 - Fleetwoods, Asheville, NC

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