Meltasia music fest happened over Labor Day Weekend at The Old Game Farm, an abandoned zoo in Catskill, NY. Presented by Andy Animal, it was MC'd by Neil Hamburger and featured performances by Shannon & the Clams, Murphy's Law, Fat White Family, Sheer Mag, Pentagram, White Mystery, Bloodshot Bill, Natural Child, Kool Keith and more. It looks to have been a debaucherous good time...for those in attendance. For some nearby residents of this usually tranquil Catskills hamlet, it was apparently a living nightmare of nonstop noise and profanity. At Tuesday’s Town of Catskill board meeting, many of those affected came out to air their grievances, among them Jeffrey DeMunn who you may remember as morally forthright retiree Dale on The Walking Dead. From local Catskill paper The Daily Mail:

When the floor was opened to public comment, Jeffrey Demunn of Round Top came forward with the first complaint. He and his wife were away for the weekend and were forewarned about the noise coming from the festival by their friend who was house-sitting. When the couple got home around 10:45 p.m. on Saturday, they found the noise impossible to deal with, which went on until almost 2 a.m.

"You could not hear yourself think," DeMunn said. "We figured, ‘Well maybe it’s going to quit at 11.’"

Demunn’s friend told him that the noise first started on Friday night at 7 p.m. and it continued until 3 on Saturday morning.

"That’s eight hours of window-rattling in our house with a frightened dog, a frightened cat and our poor house sitter," he said. "She loves coming up to stay at our house because it’s so peaceful."

We bet Daryl would've enjoyed it. DeMunn's Catskill neighbor Gary Boyce added, "You heard crickets and then you hear ‘Boom, boom. It went on for hours." According to The Daily Mail, Catskill Town Supervisor Doreen Davis took full responsibility for the noise but wanted residents to know that sometimes the town had to allow festivals to happen to help the economy.

Check out some of the action via Instagrams below:

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