Minneapolis band Wanderer turned a lot of heads with their 2021 debut LP Liberation From A Brutalist Existence, a brutally chaotic record that blurs the lines between grind, mathcore, and death metal, and now they're set to follow it with a new EP called Indulgence of the Unreal on February 24. Like the last record, it was recorded, mixed and mastered by Adam Tucker (Thou, Vile Creature, etc), and first single/opening track "Pure Human Despair" features guest shrieks by Knoll's Jamie Eubanks and bassoon by Alaina Leisten. It's a shapeshifting rager that takes the genre-blurring approach of Liberation in ferocious new directions, and you can get an early listen over at Heavy Blog Is Heavy.

Update, now streaming everywhere:

1. Pure Human Despair
2. Slow Death of the Crowned Head
3. Vivisection of Cosnciousness
4. Hatred
5. When We Stopped Asking Why

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