Earlier this week, War On Women released a teaser video for their anticipated new album Wonderful Hell, and today they've revealed the artwork and tracklist, and released the title track. It's exactly the kind of aggressive, melodic punk that you want from this band, and it's making us very excited to hear the rest of this album. Here's more background on the song, via press release:

The title track, which unintentionally echoes John Lewis’ notion of “good trouble” as a catalyst for change, emerged during a period when vocalist/lyricist Shawna Potter was feeling exhausted and overwhelmed by life in the Trump era. “I think it expresses something that a lot of people are feeling. Like, ‘Okay, we had our moment. Now it's time to get back to work. We can't let this happen again. We can't endure another four years of this,’” she comments.

War On Women guitarist/co-founder Brooks Harlan recorded the album with frequent collaborator (and Office of Future Plans bandmate) J. Robbins (also of Jawbox and more), and it was actually finished back before the pandemic escalated, and was intended to be released in conjunction with War On Women's tour with Bad Religion.

The album drops digitally on October 30 via Bridge Nine, and physically on November 13. Listen to the new song below.

1. Aqua Tofana
2. Milk and Blood
3. Wonderful Hell
4. This Stolen Land
5. White Lies
6. Big Words
7. Seeds
8. Her?
9. In Your Path
10. The Ash Is Not The End
11. Demon


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