War On Women have released "White Lies," the second single off their anticipated new album Wonderful Hell (following the title track, which we named one of the best punk songs of September). This one's even angrier and more aggressive than the first single, and it hits hard in a year where the fight against police brutality has become more mainstream than ever. "We politely request you get your boots off our necks," Shawna Potter shouts on the song's searing hook. As is usually the case with War On Women, this is political punk done right.

The song comes with a video made with Landis Expandis that reinforces the song's message, and here's what the band says about it:

This offocial music video for "White Lies" features Baltimore artist Landis Expandis, from the synth trio Landis Harry Larry (Landis and his two digital clones, Harry and Larry), which was formed after the pandemic lockdown as a way to continue to safely play music as a band and create videos (and formerly of the All Mighty Senators). War On Women enlisted him to create and star in this visionary new music video, both as an artist and as a person affected by the issues discussed in the song.

Watch/listen below.

Shawna and Landis will also speak in a virtual "Meandering Conversation" event tonight (10/13) at 8 PM ET. Sign up to watch.

For more on Wonderful Hell, guitarist Brooks Harlan recently spoke to us about some of the music that influenced the album.

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