Norwegian dark folk outfit Wardruna have announced their third album Runaljod - Ragnarok and shared a new song. The album, based as always for these guys on a new series of runes, is hitting on October 21. Wardruna mastermind Einar Selvik is up to his usual tricks, using "ancient Norse instruments" to craft grandiose, epic folk music. They've shared a new song Called "Odal," which incorporates vocal work from Einar's children. In press for the song, he says:

“Odal” represent such things as family, heritage, birthright and allodial right but also inheritance in broader and more metaphorical sense. Serious and reflected poetry melting together with the sound of a child’s voice is for me a very strong expression in itself. And with thematic like this as a starting point, it is safe to say that doing this song together with my own two children made it very emotionally charged for me, which I can only hope is something reflected clearly in the end result.

"Odal" is also a grand statement of purpose here, sonically huge and detailed in contrast to the relatively simple melody and song structure. Listen below.

Wardruna will be in the U.S. for a workshop and show as part of that huge Enslaved extravaganza at Gramercy Theatre on December 9-10. Tickets for that are still on sale. Otherwise they have a few European dates and one other U.S. date (in Portland) scheduled. All dates are listed below.

Wardruna -- 2016 Tour Dates
Sep 3: Portland, OR @ Faerieworlds/Horning's Hideout
Dec 9: New York, NY @ Scandinavia House for Einar Selvik Workshop - "The Thoughts and Tools Behind Wardruna"
Dec 10: New York, NY @ Scandinavia House

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