Warfare is the hardcore supergroup fronted by Triple B Records owner Sam Yarmuth that also features Trapped Under Ice/Angel Du$t frontman Justice Tripp on guitar, guitarist Ian Logan (Kommand, ex-Hoax), guitarist Ryan Boone (Ammunation, Death Injection), bassist Madison Woodward (Fury), and drummer Sam Bosson (Kommand, Blazing Eye, ex-Trash Talk). They released their debut LP Declaration in 2018 and then went quiet for a while before putting out a split EP with Restraining Order last November. Now they've announced a new full-length album, Doomsday, due March 11 via Triple B (pre-order). They've just shared the first two singles, the title track and "Drop Squad," the latter of which features God's Hate frontman and AEW wrestler Brody King. Both are total ragers that make this album seem very promising. Listen below.

Sam also did an interview with Eli Enis for Revolver where he talked about the band's influences ("the idea was to take early Eighties NYHC like The Abused and throw in Warzone/Youth of Today style mosh parts"), and about singing in a band for the first time this far into his music career:

I'm extremely self conscious with everything involving this band because it's my little baby. I write all the riffs and lyrics and it's essentially my fucked up little brain child of a band, so whenever I show someone the songs or even when I was showing to the guys in the band I was constantly like, "Does this make sense? does this totally suck? Please be honest." I'm also pretty self-conscious at live shows since it's the first time I've sang in a band and I'm 33 at this point. I just don't wanna look like an old idiot up there, but so far people seem to be receptive to it all. I also know the dudes in the band wouldn't want to do stuff if it was all lame so I'm glad that they haven't been like, "Yeah, lets just not do this anymore".

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Doomsday also has a track called "Legends Never Die" featuring Power Trip drummer and Mammoth Hrinder/Impalers vocalist Chris Ulsh and one called "BBB Outro" featuring Connor Jones (Ekulu), Derrick Brandon, and Ian Logan. Full tracklist below.

1. Intro 2.0
2. Doomsday
3. Warfare
4. Open Season
5. Cowards Run Part IV
6. Drop Squad (featuring Brody King)
7. Tied Up
8. Dead Scene 3.0
9. Legends Never Die (featuring Chris Ulsh)
10. BBB Outro (featuring Connor Jones, Derrick Brandon, Ian Logan)

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