UK band Warmduscher will release their fourth album, At the Hotspot, on April 1 via Bella Union. It's their first album for the label and it was produced by Hot Chip's Joe Goddard and Al Doyle, who filled in at the last minute for Dan Carey, who had produced their three other albums (including 2019's Tainted Lunch) and came down with Covid just as they were about to enter the studio.

At the Hotspot downplays Warmduscher's garage-ier side in favor of greasy funk, disco, and '80s electro. “There was a lot of partying,” says frontman Clams Baker of the album's creation during lockdown. “We were like, Aaarrggghh. We were just happy to be doing something and seeing each other. It was that weird energy, where you’re fed up and you’re kind of angry, but in a good way.”

The new single from the album is "Twitchin' in the Kitchen," a very Warmduscher-style nice-n-sleazy banger. Clams says: “Electric transmissions from the kitchens of twitch! Busy signals, threats of bodily harm, the pan-fried doom of grandma’s palpitations, a k2 carpet ride you can’t hop off of. Pick it up Jan & Jimmy, you’re all alone!”

You can watch the video for that, and check out two other songs off the album below.


1. Live At The Hotspot
2. Hot Shot
3. Eight Minute Machines
4. Wild Flowers
5. Fatso
6. Twitchin' In The Kitchen
7. Five Star Rated
8. Baby Toe Joe
9. Double Vision
10. Super Cool
11. Greasin' Up Jesus

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