Warzone helped shape New York hardcore as we know it, and shared members with a handful of other crucial NYHC bands, and though frontman Raymond "Raybeez" Barbieri sadly passed away in 1997, Warzone members have reunited over the years to pay tribute to their fallen frontman and play their old songs with other NYHC vets.

So it's good news to hear that Revelation Records is giving the reissue treatment to their sophomore album Open Your Eyes, marking its first time "available on vinyl or CD as a standalone album since its initial release on Caroline Records in 1988." Open Your Eyes followed Warzone's classic, groundbreaking 1987 debut full-length Don't Forget the Struggle, Don't Forget the Streets (which Rev reissued in 2016), and to quote Revelation Records, "This oft-overlooked record continues the sound from Don’t Forget The Struggle..., the last purely hardcore record before the band’s more metal third LP. This record featured Jerry Williams behind the board who was previously known for his work with Bad Brains, The Beastie Boys, and Reagan Youth, among others, with production help from none other than Dr. Know, guitarist of Bad Brains."

The reissue comes out on November 9, and various colors of vinyl LPs will be available. The LP includes a digital download and a "16-page, 12" x 12" booklet with previously unseen photos, lyrics, liner notes by Tony Rettman, and an interview with Raybeez from back in the day." You can pre-order the album and various bundles here.

In other NYHC news, there's a release party (non-concert) for a new Gorilla Biscuits box set in NYC this Friday, one day before GB play a free Queens show.

Stream Open Your Eyes: