You may remember that millenium alt-rockers Wheatus called upon fans stuck in lockdown to participate in the #Quaranteenagedirtbag challenge, asking them to submit video of them playing and singing along with their Y2K hit. Wheatus posted the results today, a mashed up video featuring 106 different submissions from 16 different countries around the world, playing everything from guitars, bass and drums, to banjo, flute, digital turntables, kitchen utensils, ukuleles, mandolins and more. It's pretty cool and very cleverly, impressively edited and you can watch that video below.

Meanwhile, in related fun internet stunt news, current Wheatus bassist Matthew Milligan proved the second time's the charm on his attempt to play along to every Weezer song ever released in one livestream video marathon:

On Sunday April 26th I successfully played every single song in the Weezer discography, in chronological order, in one sitting. It was 150 songs and it took me 10 1/2 hours. The entire performance was broadcast live on Twitch, and for the entire time I had a steady stream of Weezer fans and friends watching, using the chat to encourage (and occasionally distract) me. I made a sort of timelapse video, which you can watch below, that features a snippet of everything I played, to give you an idea of how the day played out.

Thank you so much to my friends who watched this, and thank you to everyone who shared it so enthusiastically that it actually led to a shout-out from Rivers Cuomo himself. I was drawn to this idea because it seemed like a satisfying combination of an intense musical challenge and also something inexplicably weird / silly. It did not disappoint.

Congratulations, Matthew! You can watch an archive of the entire 150 song playthrough or, if you don't have that much time despite have nothing really to do these days, as Matthew said, he made a 17-minute "highlight" video and you can watch that below, too.

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