Legendary Death (and Death To All) members Steve Di Giorgio (more recently of Testament), Gene Hoglan (ditto), and Bobby Koelble have done another quarantined performance of a classic Death song in tribute to Death frontman Chuck Schuldiner, who passed away in 2001. This time they did "Zero Tolerance" from 1995's Symbolic, and like when they did "Overactive Imagination" from 1993's Individual Thought Pattern, Death To All's Max Phelps handled lead vocals and did a fine job. Even without the much-missed Chuck Schuldiner, it's a treat to watch classic Death members play this song in 2020, and especially to watch Bobby Koelble shred the solo that he recorded 25 years ago for the album version. (Unlike "Overactive Imagination," this song is from the Bobby Koelble era, though Steve Di Giorgi had left the band before this album.) Watch below.

One of Death's recently released classic concert recordings is also from 1995 and you can listen to that below too.

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