A Certain Ratio have shared a new video for their Dan Carey remix of "Down and Dirty" that's on their upcoming album Loco Remezclada. The video was made by Rollcam Directors who took the song's It’s time to work it out, we can work it out” message and views it through today's many societal problems, casting actors in more than one role, challenging viewers "to examine their relationship with stereotypes and unconscious bias." More from the band:

Negative imagery of race, gender, and culture saturates our world and a split-second decision based on the way someone looks, the clothes they wear, or the colour of their skin can mean that you may never see who they really are. Our world is awash with good and bad, and we live in a polarised society where we don't want to listen to or accept anyone else's views and opinions. It's time for a change.

It's time to reprogram. Learn to trust, love, support, and listen to the people around us. We want to live in a world where empathy triumphs over hate and fear. We are passionate about equality for all, and so was Our Denise.

You can watch the video below.

Loco Remezclada is out November 5 via Mute and also features remixes by Lou Hayter, The Orielles, LoneLady, Maps, and more.

A Certain Ratio recently wrapped up their 2021 ACR EP series and you can get the final EP, ACR:EPR, on exclusive, limited edition translucent amber vinyl (only 250 made) in the BV shop.

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