For more than two decades Andrew WK has been a source of near indefatigable positivity through his party-forward agenda, but it’s not just mindless fun. There’s a real philosophy to what AWK does, and if you’re craving some therapeutic positivity and/or a free 50-minute film to lose yourself in, this new Andrew WK documentary by filmmaker Flavio De Feo. Says Flavio, "Andrew W.K. often gets dismissed as a one-dimensional party animal, and that's understandable. That is, after all, his brand. But contextually speaking, there's something profound and even poignant about his maniacal refusal to let darkness overcome him — or anyone else within earshot of his music."

The 49 minute documentary is called Your Friend Andrew WK and features Andrew talking about "how all this started, his early influences, Steev Mike, and the struggle to find clarity amongst the chaos and confusion of internal turmoil." It's free to stream via YouTube. Watch below.

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your friend andrew wk documentary

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