Before the rapper born Daniel Dumile launched the MF DOOM, King Geedorah, and Viktor Vaughn monikers, before he formed Madvillain with Madlib, he was one third of the Long Beach hip hop trio KMD. In addition to DOOM, who then went by Zev Love X, the group featured DOOM's brother DJ Subroc, who passed in 1993, and Onyx the Birthstone Kid, who replaced co-founding member Rodan early on. The trio only released one album and a handful of singles in their brief initial run, and live footage of them is very rare, but here's an amazing one that was newly-remastered thanks to the MF DOOM REMASTERED YouTube Channel, which was launched by a longtime fan after MF DOOM's tragic death in 2020.

The video was filmed at the "Hard to the Left" party on December 10, 1990 at Kilimanjaro's in Washington, DC, months before they released their debut album Mr. Hood. It features them performing that album's lead single "Peachfuzz," which had just come out five days before this show, and its bonus track "Gasface Refill." The video was originally "unearthed from DJ Iran's storage unit" and it is an absolute gem. DOOM, Subroc, and Onyx cover the whole stage in constant movement, walking while spitting flows and breakdancing in the background. They make an incredible transition to "Peachfuzz" midway through the video, with DOOM (in a bright orange sweatshirt and maroon varsity jacket) leading the crowd in call and response. Watch the whole thing below.

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