Last week, we posted an AFI album guide that included a shoutout to the time AFI played NYC with Snapcase (and Sick Of It All, H2O, VOD, and Ensign) way back in 1997. It just so happens that, a few days later (2/23), AFI frontman Davey Havok made a surprise appearance on stage with Snapcase at their California Takeover show in LA to sing guest vocals with them on their 1997 classic "Caboose." Fan-shot video has surfaced, and the whole thing looks pretty awesome. Check it the video above, and some others below.

The show also featured Earth Crisis, Strife, Magnitude, and Hesitation Wounds, and Davey was also spotted in the pit and grabbed the mic and stage dove during Earth Crisis (video of that below). Moby was also in attendance, according to Chase Mason of Gatecreeper who was also at the gig. Full-set videos of Earth Crisis and Strife are below too.

Meanwhile, Snapcase have been talking about new music for a while now. Fingers crossed it comes soon!


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