Richmond screamo band Apostles of Eris released a great split with Encarsia earlier this year, and now they've got another new split on the way, this time with Gossip, a new band with members of Senza, Clavel, For Your Health, Losing, Akira, Deadwitch, and Squalor. (Not to be confused with Beth Ditto's band of the same name.) David Norman of Apostles of Eris/Zegemea Beach Records says Gossip's "first recordings are ridiculous, no one is ready for their side," and while you have to wait to hear those, we're now premiering the video for one of Apostles of Eris' contributions, "Pig Donovan."

Apostles of Eris' songs for this split were primarily written in conjunction with the material for their 2020 split with Pique, at which point the band were planning a new full-length but broke the songs into two splits instead, and almost all of the lyrics for these songs were taken from the 1971 movie Punishment Park by Peter Watkins, which is also used in the video for "Pig Donovan."

"Pig Donovan" features vocals by David Norman, as well as Dave Cullen and Justin Orr of Crowning, and the video was prepared and cut by Norman and then given to Cullen who projected it across his house and made the final edit. The song offers up '90s-style screamo at its rawest, darkest, and noisiest, and the eerie video suits it perfectly. Check it out below.

The split, titled Drone and Cull: an Apostles Of Eris + Gossip split, arrives April 29 via Zegema Beach. Pre-orders will launch Tuesday (4/26) at noon Eastern on (US) and (Canada/international).


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