Pre-order Audio Karate's new rarities collection on white/pink vinyl.

As mentioned, SoCal punk vets Audio Karate are gearing up to release ¡OTRA!, a collection of rare and unreleased material from all throughout the band's career, including a handful of songs that were never officially released on streaming or vinyl before. One of those songs is new single "Care Carelessly," which departs from the band's usual punk in favor of a smoother power pop sound that the band says was inspired by ELO and Squeeze. Here's what guitarist Jason Camacho tells us about the song and its new video:

The song prominently features our keys player Eric Wood, who joined Indian School (our spin off band sans Jason) and later was brought into the AK fold. The song gives nod to ELO and Squeeze, two really big influences of ours outside the punk rock universe. The song has an abrupt time change that wasn’t consciously meant to be 'ooh let’s change tempo and be artsy,' but more of a natural feel thing. We are super happy with the production overall and it’s one of the better self produced songs we’ve ever released."

This is sort of the essential ¡OTRA! track, as it isn’t an easily identifiable punk rock or post-hardcore or whatever tag one wants to throw at us. I think it is a solid representation of what we do best ���deliver vocal hooks and musical melodies that are very hummable after first listen. Sonic diversity!

The video features two dudes from Indonesia being squashed by the grind of the office and reminiscing about the days of their youth and a more carefree life. It’s shot cinematically and seemed to fit our brand of 'what am I looking at here.' I'm not a big fan of, 'Hey, let’s have a video of us pretending to play our guitars.'

Watch the video below.

¡OTRA! comes out 3/18 via Iodine Recordings, and we've teamed up with Audio Karate on a limited-to-100 white/pink vinyl variant, only available in our stores. Pre-order yours while they last.


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