Mugger is a new-ish Austin band with some familiar faces: ex-Creepoid members Anna (vocals) and Patrick (drums) Troxell, Radioactivity guitarist Daniel Fried, and The Well bassist Lisa Alley. They released their debut demo last year, and it finds them channelling raw hardcore punk, a far cry from Creepoid's shoegaze. "Leave it to me to finally become the front person for a hardcore band at 40 years old but here we are," Anna recently joked to No Echo.

And on a more serious note, she continues, "Patrick and I grew up in the Philadelphia hardcore scene of the '90s/early '00s and it's been a minute since we had a chance to do a project that resembled our youth. We draw influence from that sound, as well as the resurgence of hardcore we've seen with the kids."

"It's awesome that 2022 hardcore is more representative and inclusive of different types of folks and I really just want to add my voice to that mix," Anna adds. "I still think we need to be even more encouraging and to make room for more than the voices of cis white men. I grew up in tough-guy hardcore and I loved being part of that scene at the time, but it's time for something more."

Mugger are gearing up for a mostly-West Coast tour this February, and ahead of that tour we're premiering their new video for "Not The One," which is made up of grainy live footage. "'Not the One' is about the very common experience of having others assume you know little to nothing about a subject you're actually quite informed on, and having no tolerance for it," Anna tells us. Check it out and stream the full demo below.

The Well also announced a tour with Firebreather this week, including Brooklyn's Saint Vitus on April 11.

Mugger -- 2023 Tour Dates
2.5.23 - Los Angeles CA at 1st ST Billiards
2.6.23 - Long Beach CA at Supply & Demand
2.7.23 - Simi Valley CA at Rapid City Skate Shop
2.8.23 - San Jose CA at Play Back Studio
2.9.23 - Oakland CA at The Golden Bull
2.10.23 - Sacramento CA at TBA
2.11.23 - Reno NV at TBA
2.12.23 - Salt Lake City NV at Bee Hive
2.13.23 - Denver CO at D3 Arts
2.14.23 - Kansas City MI at Farewell Café
2.15.23 - Oklahoma City OK at Sanctuary
2.16.23 - Austin TX at The Ballroom


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