Earlier this year, singer/songwriter (and David Crosby's Lighthouse band member) Becca Stevens released a new album WONDERBLOOM, which saw her continuing to branch out from her folk-pop roots and go in a more electronic art pop direction. We're now premiering the video for "Never Mine," which finds Becca sitting alone at a bar, singing to the song to herself, with lyrics on screen in a movie subtitles style.

"I wrote 'Never Mine' with Kaveh Rastegar, who also plays bass on the recording. The lyric and the melody feel rooted in Irish/Appalachian roots, painting a hazy daydream lost in longing for something that’s not yours to claim," Becca says. "he music video for 'Never Mine' was filmed on 9/23/20 by Jep Jorba in a single shot at the town bar of Els Prats de Rei, Catalonia. We filmed the video at 3x slower than normal speed (making for 14 minute takes). I slowed down all my mannerisms by timing my breaths, to make my cadence look 'normal' when sped back up. The scene is dressed with Prats locals who came by to support, as well as Mike League (of Snarky Puppy), Nic Hard (WONDERBLOOM co-producer & mixing engineer), and my husband Nathan Schram who were all in town working on a project at Mike League’s home studio." Check it out below.

Becca is also doing a full-band livestream on Tuesday (12/22) at 8 PM from NYC's Sony Hall. Tickets are on sale.

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