Ben Gibbard continued his weekly livestreams tonight, and to conclude his set that included such Death Cab For Cutie classics as "Your Heart Is An Empty Room," "Styrofoam Plates" (which Ben said he hadn't played acoustic before), "Grapevine Fires," "Photobooth," "A Movie Script Ending," and more, Ben covered another artist who's been very active during quarantine, Neil Young. Ben previously did the title track of Neil's 1992 album Harvest Moon in a past livestream, and this time he did a stripped-down rendition of "Don't Cry No Tears," the opening track of Crazy Horse's 1975 LP Zuma. You can watch the full set and view the setlist below; the Neil cover starts at the 45:50 mark.

Ben encourages you to donate to a different charity during each stream, and this week's charity was Teen Feed.

Your Heart Is an Empty Room (Death Cab for Cutie song)
Autumn Love (Death Cab for Cutie song)
Styrofoam Plates (Death Cab for Cutie song)
Williamine (Jay Farrar & Benjamin Gibbard song)
Man in Blue (Death Cab for Cutie song)
Grapevine Fires (Death Cab for Cutie song)
Photobooth (Death Cab for Cutie song)
A Movie Script Ending (Death Cab for Cutie song)
Don't Cry No Tears (Neil Young & Crazy Horse cover)

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