As promised, Death Cab For Cutie's Ben Gibbard did an all-Beatles set for this week's livestream, and like he said he would, he mostly stayed away from the more commonly-covered songs and the band's bigger hits. There aren't really any "deep cuts" when it comes to The Beatles, but Ben did pick a pretty unique selection of covers, which he said are some of his personal favorites, and also which all worked very well in the context of an intimate solo performance. He did "I'm So Tired," "For No One," "I'm Happy Just to Dance With You," "Here, There and Everywhere," "I'm Only Sleeping," "You Won't See Me," "I Will," "I'm Looking Through You," and "In My Life," which is a pretty amazing setlist if you ask me, and Ben sounded great on each one.

He also did an all-Beatles version of the Q&A portion that he does every week, and some of the tidbits he revealed are that Ram is his favorite Beatles solo album, Paul is his favorite Beatle, and Revolver is his favorite Beatles album artwork. He also told a pretty amusing story of this one time Death Cab took the same plane as Paul McCartney.

Each week benefits a different charity, and this week's was Seattle non-profit Amara, "who help serve children in foster care and the families who care for them." You can donate at YouTube, Venmo (@BenGibbardLiveFromHome), or Amara's website.

Ben said last week that he's not sure if this stream will be able to stay up indefinitely for copyright reasons, so make sure you watch it while you still can. Watch below.

Tune in Thursday, May 14 at 7 PM ET for Ben's next stream.

I'm So Tired
For No One
I'm Happy Just to Dance With You
Here, There and Everywhere
I'm Only Sleeping
You Won't See Me
I Will
I'm Looking Through You
In My Life

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