Ben Gibbard's livestreams resumed tonight (4/9), and for this one, Ben played a set exclusively featuring songs from Death Cab For Cutie's 2000 sophomore album We Have the Facts and We’re Voting Yes in honor of its 20th anniversary. He also told stories and answered questions about the era, during which he discussed certain lyrics, the album's recording process, guitars he played, tunings he used, life stories from the era, and some musical influences. He mentioned that influences on the album's guitar style included Codeine and especially Bedhead, and when a fan asked if Built to Spill was also an influence, Ben said of course and that he had been a big fan of Doug Martsch's work since the Treepeople days. Someone also asked what Ben's favorite UK band besides The Smiths and New Order is, and he said the Au Pairs.

Each of Ben's shows are in support of a different charity, and this one supported SMASH, "a wonderful organization here in Seattle that helps local musicians access health care." You can either donate directly at the YouTube link or via the @BenGibbardLiveFromHome Venmo account.

Ben also mentioned that Barsuk Records are giving away copy of the out-of-print first pressing of Facts on white vinyl:

Watch the full set and view the setlist below. Ben will be doing his livestreams every Thursday at 7 PM ET "into the foreseeable future as long as people are quarantined." (Last week was 9 PM ET, but he changed it back to 7, the same time he did these when they were daily events.) Tune in Thursday, April 16 for his next one.

Title Track
The Employment Pages
For What Reason
Lowell, MA
Little Fury Bugs
Company Calls
Company Calls Epilogue
No Joy in Mudville
Scientist Studies