As mentioned, Berthold City -- the hardcore band fronted by Strife guitarist Andrew Kline that also features members of Internal Affairs, Abrasion, and more -- are releasing their first full-length, When Words Are Not Enough, on Andrew's label WAR Records (pre-order). They recently put out lead single "With This Regret," and we're now premiering second single "Only Truth Wins," along with its video, which was directed by the band's own John “Eightclip” Jenkins.

"'Only Truth Wins' is the first song on the record, and more or less the title track, as the line 'When Words Are Not Enough' comes from the chorus of this song," Andrew tells us. "Musically, the song pushes into heavier territory than we have explored in the past. I wanted the LP to take listeners on a journey through different sounds and influences to make the album more interesting and really keep listeners engaged. This song is heavily influenced by older bands like Judge and Bold, combined with more modern influences of bands like Have Heart and Bane, and it definitely bridges the gap between Berthold City and Strife."

You can definitely hear the influences that Andrew was talking about coming through in this song, and if you like any or all of those bands, definitely check this out. It feels both classic and modern, and it truly rips. Check out the video below.

Berthold City have one upcoming show at the moment: The Che Café in San Diego on February 20 with Headcount, Bent Blue, Godhead, and In Time.

1. Only Truth Wins
2. Still Holding On
3. When Might Makes Right
4. The Pharmacist
5. Empty Faces
6. Out Of Darkness
7. Turn It Around
8. Break The Chain
9. Flashing Lights
10. A Better Way
11. Left With Nothing
12. With This Regret

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