We recently mentioned that Milwaukee alt-rock vets Big Mother Gig released No More Questions, their first album in 22 years, following a long hiatus during which frontman Richard Jankovich formed Burnside Project and did remixes under the name Pocket. We also mentioned that the new album has two exciting guest appearances, one from Mighty Mighty Bosstones frontman Dicky Barrett and one from Luna/Dean & Britta member Britta Phillips. We already posted the video for the Dicky Barrett collab, and we've now got the premiere of the video for the Britta Phillips collab, "Our Cover's Blown." Compared to the punky sound of the former, the song with Britta is softer in more in the alt-country realm. Richard tells us:

For this song, it bears noting that we had an alt-country style that would creep out when we covered Uncle Tupelo or Johnny Cash songs. Being really influenced by The Replacements and 70s/80s country radio definitely pushed us into this direction. We actually saw Uncle Tupelo's final tour and it was pretty cool (if totally depressing since they were clearly breaking up.) For this song, we wanted to recapture that Gear Daddies/Jayhawks style that we really loved. It was a really natural place for us to be.

It's a really pretty song, and it comes with an abstract-looking video that suits it well. Watch below:

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