After Frank Ocean dropped off Coachella's second weekend, the festival added a Sunday night set from blink-182 and then closed out with a set from Four Tet, Fred again.., and Skrillex. blink-182 had initially been a last-minute daytime addition to weekend one, which marked the first family reunion from their classic lineup of Tom DeLonge, Mark Hoppus, and Travis Barker. They played a similar set on Sunday night, but switched out "Dysentery Gary" and "Don't Leave Me" for "Stay Together for the Kids" and "Always," marking--in Mark's words--the "sad emo part of the set," during which Mark encouraged the crowd to pull their bangs over their eyes and tell their moms it's not a phase. (Broken up by "Happy Holidays, You Bastard," of course.) And since this one was at night: fireworks!

They otherwise mirrored weekend one's mix of big hits and fan-fave deeper cuts, opening with "Family Reunion" and breaking out "Anthem Part Two," "The Rock Show," "Man Overboard," "Feeling This," "Reckless Abandon," "What's My Age Again?," "Dumpweed," "Aliens Exist," "Down," "I Miss You," "First Date," "All the Small Things," and "Dammit." Plus, their new single "Edging," plenty of juvenile humor that ranged from "seriously, what's their age again?" to kinda endearing ("we'll be back next week at Stagecoach doing Dude Ranch in its entirety"), and a Ramones singalong before "First Date." Last week, they worked part of TLC's "No Scrubs" into "Dammit," and this week they did the same with Skee Lo's "I Wish." And for all the band's humor, the set had its serious moments, like when Mark talked about receiving his cancer diagnosis two years ago and how grateful he is to now be on stage playing for everyone.

You can watch blink's full set, alongside the Four Tet x Fred again.. x Skrillex set and a replay of the guest-filled Gorillaz set from Friday by rewinding the livestream below.

blink's reunion tour hits the NYC-area on May 19 at Madison Square Garden, May 20 at UBS Arena, May 24 at Barclays Center, and Atlantic City's new Adjacent Festival, with Turnstile opening all North American dates. Tickets here.

blink-182 @ Coachella 2023 Weekend Two Setlist (via)
Family Reunion
Anthem Part Two
The Rock Show
Man Overboard
Feeling This
Reckless Abandon
What's My Age Again?
Aliens Exist
Stay Together for the Kids
Happy Holidays, You Bastard
I Miss You
First Date (with Ramones "Pinhead" intro sang by Mark, and "Blitzkrieg Bop" intro sang by Tom)
All the Small Things
Dammit (With Skee Lo "I Wish" tease)

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