Bob Nanna (of Braid, Hey Mercedes, and other bands) is releasing his new acoustic solo album Celebration States on July 10 via New Granada Records (pre-order), and we're premiering the song's video, which is made up of a month's worth of quarantine performance footage. As Bob explains:

When Keith & Susie and New Granada suggested on April 30 I make a video while home quarantining, I immediately thought of doing separate clips on each day of May, ultimately culminating with me leaving my apartment. On May 1, going outside was dangerous. Had no idea that on May 31, going outside would be potentially more dangerous. I divided "Mr. Albatross" (and my apartment) into 31 sections and recorded every day of the month. My cat, Beans, made it into many of the shots. I also included "Easter eggs" on each day so see if you can spot them! Please stay safe. Things must get better.

Watch below...


Also, Braid put out an album of b-sides and demos from their 2014 reunion album No Coast this past Friday:

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