The new Heavy Heavy Low Low offshoot Bone Cutter just released their killer self-titled debut EP on Twelve Gauge, and here's what we said about it in our recent feature on the band:

The EP is -- in the band's own words -- "like HHLL without the same guitarists," but Bone Cutter have already been working on a full-length which Robbie says is "shaping up to be a sparkling, kaleidoscopic version of that." "Chris and Sam are huge dance/pop fans and we’d like to incorporate that," he adds. "What if Head Automatica veered into grind and death?"

That sounds promising, and you can already start to hear it on the EP. There's plenty of grind and death-inspired fury, and "How to Force Feed Your Children and Friends All of Your Failed Ideas in 10 Decayed Steps" injects all the brutality with a dance beat. It's just as totally batshit as HHLL, but it's largely even darker and heavier. (Heavier Heavier Low Low?) Horror films were an influence on the lyrics too, and, not that the screamed vocals are very easy to understand, but this music is the perfect backdrop for horror.

Bone Cutter previously released videos for three of the four tracks, and we're now premiering the EP's fourth and final video, "Peckinpah Leather Crackle." The horror influence is evident in this video too, as vocalist Robbie Smith explains, "In a hellish red forest the ghost of Sam Peckinpah twists a cigar made of skin in his toothless mouth. The ghost presents a letter opener and begins to scoop out their eye. Squelches and cackles. The dislodged eyeball is planted in the ground of this place and you are born."

Director Robbie Racine adds, "During quarantine I was desperate to put my time and energy into pretty much anything, I’m glad it was something I didn’t have to pretend to be interested in. Robbie Smith gave me 'Peckinpah Leather Crackle' I can only assume because of our shared love for film. Heavy music about movies is the epitome of my shit."

Watch the new video and stream the full EP below. Read our Q&A with Robbie for more.