Bonnie 'Prince' Billy and Matt Sweeney, aka the Superwolves, were one of 40 artists who played the Yusuf/Cat Stevens streaming tribute earlier this month. As their label Drag City notes, both Will and Matt have "played and sung with and for Yusuf a bunch in recent years" and for this Yusuf asked for a straight-up cover, which they mostly delivered. Will's cute kid also makes an appearance in the video which has been officially shared today. "This song will always be true - as long as we live," say Matt and Will. Watch that video, and listen to the original, below.

Superwolves are officially back in action, having dropped excellent new single "Make Worry for Me" earlier this month. Matt also helped out with Bonnie 'Prince' Billy and Bill Callahan's ongoing covers series, taking on "OD'd in Denver."