Last September, Brooklyn hardcore band Perfect World released their debut LP War Culture on LDB (Life and Death Brigade) Records. It's a direct, straight-to-the-point LP that delivers tough-as-nails hardcore with a hint of thrash, and the lyrics are very much a reaction to the current social/political climate. "Perfect World is a hardcore band with a point of view and outlook on the state of the world and you can get with it or get the fuck away from it. If more people felt this way things maybe wouldn’t be so fucked up," said Tyler Short from LDB (and the band Inclination).

We're premiering the video for the title track, which the band says "was born from the ashes of what has transpired over the last 18 months but wholly how we all as a society are trapped in the cycle of war all the time. As the video states, we're clearly reaching a point in history where just existing has become a liability. If you’re still sitting on the sidelines, then you’re part of the problem."

The video was conceived by band members Andrew Kassl and Aaron Durall and directed and animated by Brandon Gallagher (of Trace Amount, Coarse, etc). Watch the video and stream the full album below...


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