Bronx abstract rapper Caleb Giles debuted in 2017 with Tower and followed it this year with There Will Be Rain. He's an associate of experimental collective Standing on the Corner and also plays sax for them, and they appear on "Wondering" off Caleb's new album, which has a video. He talked to The FADER about his involvement in that group:

I specifically play the sax in Standing On The Corner but I also have written and performed songs on the last two SOTC records. I met Gio [Escobar, of Standing On The Corner] many moons ago. I remember seeing him for the first time at a new years party going into 2015. This was when Standing On The Corner was still Children Of The Corner, and, that night, Gio and his band were playing at that party in some apartment in Brooklyn. From there Gio knew I was friends with Medhane (whom he has known forever) and knew I played piano and asked me to play keys in COTC, but I declined. Yet eventually I ended up going over to Gio's crib with Jasper (Marsalis) one night and played keys on some recording during a little jam session. And since then Gio and I have been great friends.

You can watch the "Wondering" video and stream all of There Will Be Rain below.

Tonight (5/14), Caleb plays a Brooklyn show opening for the soulful Mal Devisa, who just shared a very interesting bill with Standing on the Corner during the Red Bull Music Festival. Tonight's show is at Elsewhere (Zone One) and also includes Slums, Mehdonny and Taphari. Tickets are available.

You really have to see Mal Devisa live to fully experience how uniquely powerful she is, but this video should give you an idea: