Pageants is the Long Beach-based duo of partners Rebecca Coleman and Devin O’Brien, and they're gearing up to release their sophomore LP Sun and Settled Days on July 30 (pre-order). It follows their 2018 debut LP Forever, and it's also the duo's first album since Devin ended his three-year stint as a member of Cherry Glazerr. "I realized if I wanted to continue this relationship and be in this band then I had to quit Cherry Glazerr," Devin said. "It was fun—but my life with Rebecca is what I wanted." The pair recorded the album mostly in their own home studio, and production was handled by Devin, who's also done engineering work for both Cherry Glazerr and Best Coast.

Pageants recently released two singles off the album, "All Bets Aside" and "It Might Be Crazy," both of which offer up warm, cozy indie/dream pop, and we're now premiering third single "Just Tell Me." This one's a little more countrified, and it comes with a well-matched video that follows a cowboy hat-wearing Rebecca Coleman throughout the desert.

"We wanted to make this video a visual representation of strength and independence - almost as if Rebecca just went out to the desert by her lonesome with her guitar and happened upon ‘Just Tell Me,'" Devin tells us. "In our concept this imbues her with a newfound confidence and swag, all tinged with Western Cali charm. The desert is a special place for us and we often go out to our family friend’s cabin in Wonder Valley (Valley Mountain Homestead) to clear our heads and take a step away from day-to-day bullshit. We definitely wanted this video to reflect that magical desert renewal."

Of the song, Rebecca adds, "‘Just Tell Me’ is about the pitfalls and blind spots of a friendship that has long since passed its expiration date. I wrote this at a time when I was struggling to look past the good times in a friendship—past my friend’s true potential—and just accept that they’d done me dirty for the last time."

Watch the videos for all three singles below...

1. Just Tell Me
2. All Bets Aside
3. It Might Be Crazy
4. Where Did The Time Go
5. Feeling
6. No, Not Okay
7. Please Hurry
8. Worse
9. Getting Real
10. Stars
11. Give It Up