Toronto indie rockers Casper Skulls have made a video for "Colour of the Outside" off their debut album Mercy Works, which came out last year on Buzz Records (order yours). It's mostly a performance video, but the band is covered in a haze that suits the atmospheric song well, and there are some ominous clips mixed in too. Guitarist/co-frontperson Neil Bednis tells us:

Lyrically "Colour of the Outside" was a real collaborative effort between Melanie and I. We wanted to depict a dystopian future; a feeling of helplessness and anxiety. Once we actually started performing the song we realized that the song more so depicts the time we're living in now.

The video for the song was completely Shawn Kosmerly's brainchild. We drove up to our hometown in Sudbury, ON and filmed the video in the basement of a copying center. Shawn reflected how we wrote the song by having the first half being shot in what appears to be some sort of weird room and then cutting to the reality in which we're just in a warehouse. He did a bunch of cool things like the first shot which is a curtain filmed super close up with weird lighting or in the bridge taking a piece of broken glass and passing it in front of a mirror creating a cool split screen/moving motion.

The video and song are both good stuff -- check it out below. Casper Skulls are also touring this week into May, and all dates are listed below.

Casper Skulls -- 2018 Tour Dates
04/27 - Seattle, WA - KEXP Live Session
04/27 - Seattle, WA - Victory Lounge
04/29 - Portland, OR - The Liquor Store
05/01 - San Francisco, CA - Hemlock Tavern
05/03 - Los Angeles, CA - All Star Lanes w/ Suzie True
05/05 - Las Vegas - Starboard Tack
05/07 - St Louis - Foam
05/08 - Cincinnati - Yacht Club Flam
05/11 - Toronto, CA - Audiotree x CMW @ Horseshoe w/ Ought, PONY

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