Holly Caught A Contact High is a new chaotic mathgrind band from Columbus, Georgia led by AJ Currier, who's also in Colacon. They put out their first EP in August, their second in September, and have a third, HCACH3, arriving this Friday (10/28), with cassettes coming out November 4 via Tomb Tree Tapes and the band. Here's some background:

Holly Caught A Contact High is a throwback to that MySpace era grind sound every 30yr+ ex-scene kid yearns for. It really embodies that early-mid 2000s sound without feeling dated. It���s fresh, but more importantly it’s punishing, erratic and sounds like what I’d believe a blue-meth comedown feels like.

It’s a solo project written by AJ Currier. It may be glaringly obvious to some but the project is homage to the TV show Breaking Bad and an infatuation with the intricate network of characters and themes written by Vince Gilligan. It all started from a random thought, “What if Jesse’s band TWAÜGHTHAMMËR was a grindcore band?” Thus, HCACH is born.

HCACH is a fucking freight train, having released HCACH1 on Aug 21st, 2022 and just shortly there after HCACH2 on Sept 2nd, 2022. The band caught quite a bit of traction all while remaining anonymous, until music video “TWAÜGHTHAMMËR”… it’s fuckin’ AJ! But that man has no breaks. Now we are headed into HCACH3, to be released on October 28th, 2022, which features, “Hello Mr. Wolynetz”. The song’s lyrics are about the process Skyler had with Bogdan Wolynetz, the owner of A1 Carwash in Breaking Bad, and buying the Carwash. Specifically two scenes, which you will see in the video. The video was filmed in Macon, Georgia.

HCACH is the one who knocks Oct 28th, 2022! Peep that shit!

That should give you a very good idea of what to expect from this band, and we're premiering the video for the 53-second "Hellow Mr. Wolynetz" off EP3. Check it out and stream the first two EPs below...

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