North Carolina's Rotting In Dirt are gearing up to release a new EP, I Am Eating My Shame, this week via Zegema Beach Records, and we're now premiering the video for closing track (and third single) "Gallows In Static." It's a furious dose of chaotic, metallic hardcore, and here's what the band says about it:

I Am Eating My Shame is our first release as a five piece band and after the general turmoil of the past few years, we're kind of surprised it exists at all. Luckily for us, we ended up with six songs we're proud of and excited to share. From beginning to end, we tried to create a cohesive record that draws on our own collective unrest, pairing heavy, discordant sounds with lyrical themes of helplessness, rage, and existential dread. It's been an absolute dream working with the folks at Zegema Beach Records to bring this thing to life exactly as we had envisioned and we can't wait to get it into your hands.

"Gallows in Static" is the last song on I Am Eating My Shame and as such it is a final, unrestrained outburst of the feelings and emotions intertwined through the songs preceding it. It is a song about taking the anguish we're dealt by our so-called "betters" and returning it in a way that says "I want you to feel even a fraction of what I have felt."

Despite the weight and tone of the song, the video is a little more clear cut. We were grateful to have our close friend and extremely talented photographer, Daniel White, in the studio with us for the duration of the recording session and we think he did a stellar job capturing our time there. The complete video then received a final "coat of paint" by way of another long-time friend and collaborator, the multi-talented Duke Stamina, meaning we got exactly what we wanted out of the experience - an excuse to work with some of the people we love most.

Check out the new video below...

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