Chastity (aka Ontario musician Brandon Williams) releases his new album Suffer Summer on January 14 via Deathwish Inc., and we're premiering the video for new single "Somersault." Following the pop punk-infused "Pummeling" (which we named one of the best punk songs of September), "Somersault" is a more breezy, spacious indie rock song, and Brandon says it's "a song about the apocalypse, with lyrics written before this current apocalypse began. It's about finding a better world hidden away in your room, or some place safe."

About the video, he adds, "The first video put out for the trilogy was for ‘Children’, based off a true story of police brutality in my town. In one of the final videos for it now, I wanted to make sure the gap was closed and the cop got what was coming. Trying to make a dream feel real." Check it out below.

Suffer Summer also includes two songs featuring PUP's Stefan Babcock and one with Alexisonfire's Dallas Green. Pre-order yours.

Chastity Suffer Summer

1. Real World
2. Pummeling
3. Dying to Live
4. When You Go Home I Withdrawal
5. The Barbed Wire Fence Around Happiness
6. Somersault
7. Happy Face
8. Overstimulate
9. Vicious Circle
10. Smiling

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