Last year, Circles Around The Sun and Joe Russo (who had previously worked together with Phil Lesh, Cass McCombs, and others) released the collaborative Circles Around The Sun Meets Joe Russo EP, and around that same time, CATS and Joe teamed with animator Thomas Lynch III (The Midnight Gospel, Deep Space 69, Cartoon Network) to make a video for the song "When I Was At Peace," which is as trippy and mind-bending as the song itself. The video was shelved after founding CATS member Neal Casal's suicide, but -- as Neal wished -- CATS continued as a band in his absence and they're now ready to release the visual, which premieres in this post.

"I was a fan of Thomas’s art and showed it to Neal," CATS bassist Dan Horne tells us. "He liked it and we called him up to see if he wanted to do a poster. The poster idea ballooned into a series of posters and a video for a song we recorded with Joe Russo. But then Neal died and some time passed before I called up Thomas again and he was like 'we’re still doing this video right?' He finished the video, but the timing wasn’t right to release it so we thought we would save it for a better time. We recently decided this is the right time to share it."

Thomas Lynch III’s storyboard describes the video as "a journey through the cosmos to view the creation of spacetime singularity. Referencing the lifecycle of a star as the framework for our journey, we dance through the cosmos and take an expedition past the event horizon. Here, all the rules of physics break down into a mind melting quest with a spacetime singularity, eventually leading the audience into a new quantum existence."

Back when the EP was first announced in 2019, Neal Casal had said, "We thought it would be a great idea to do a project with him, so we met up in a studio in Brooklyn and wound up creating four songs in one day. The session had a true CATS in the moment vibe with explosive improvisation, double drums between Joe and our drummer Mark Levy, conversational guitars with me and Dan, and plenty of Adam Macdougall keyboard wizardry."

Joe Russo added, "I was excited when Neal reached out about the possibility of this collaboration. Having played with Neal and Adam many times before over the years, and my time spent with Dan on Cass Mccombs gigs and sessions, it felt like a no brainer."

Stream the whole EP and immerse yourself in the trippiness of the video below...


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