Cliterati recently released the killer song "Latinx Taken" off their upcoming album Ugly Truths, Beautiful Lies (due 8/30 via Tankcrimes), and we're now premiering another powerful song along with its equally powerful video, "Trans Is Beautiful." The video (edited by Mark Reategui) uses live footage of the band and puts the lyrics on screen, so there's no question about what issues Ami Lawless is singing about, and various people of various identities also sent Cliterati pictures of themselves to be used in the video. "Special thanks to those who sent us your photo to be included, let your light shine!," the band says. Ami further explains:

From my earliest memories until 3rd or 4th grade. I believed I was a boy although I was AFAB. My mother who was undocumented from Mexico living in the USA would hit me and yell at me for saying I was a boy. I believe she didn’t want to draw attention to us. It took me years to figure myself out. After having top surgery a few years back, I finally become comfortable in my own skin, for the first time in my life. I identify as trans non-binary/emby/two-spirit and my pronouns are they/them. I have quite a few friends who identify this way as well. This song is for all the kids who are still figuring themselves out... we see you and are here for you. Let your light shine!

Listen to the new song below, and if you like what you h ear, pre-order the album on physical or digital.

Cliterati are also beginning a tour in Denver this weekend and hitting NYC's Brooklyn Bazaar on August 10 with Cop/Out, Space Bitch, and Sister Munch. The show's on the early side (6 - 10:30 PM), more info here. All Cliterati dates are listed below.

Cliterati tour

1. Slow Burn
2. Tribal Politics
3. Trans Is Beautiful
4. Unfuck The System
5. Silence = Death
6. Breakup Song
7. Scars Are What Hold Me Together
8. Latinx Taken
9. Footprints On The Moon
10. GPCL
11. Ugly Truths / Beautiful Lies
12. Remnants Of War
13. Redneck, White And Blue
14. In Crust We Trust
15. Shapeshift Away

Cliterati -- 2019 Tour Dates
8/02/2019 Bar Bar – Denver, CO
8/03/2019 Vaudeville Muse – Des Moines, IA
8/04/2019 Organize And Arise Fest @ Palmers – Minneapolis, MN
8/05/2019 Rancho Huevos – Chicago, IL
8/06/2019 The Trumbull Plex – Detroit, MI
8/07/2019 The Hub – Cincinnati, OH
8/08/2019 Camp Clarke – Pittsburgh, PA
8/09/2019 The Century – Philadelphia, PA
8/10/2019 Brooklyn Bazaar – Brooklyn, NY
8/11/2019 Joe Squared – Baltimore, MD
8/12/2019 VSC – Richmond, VA
8/13/2019 Sly Grog – Ashville, NC
8/14/2019 The Bakery – Atlanta, GA
8/15/2019 Poor Boys – New Orleans, LA
8/16/2019 The White Swan – Houston, TX
8/17/2019 The Lost Well – Austin, TX
8/18/2019 TBA – El Paso, TX
8/19/2019 The Cave – Santa Fe, NM
8/20/2019 Yucca Tap Room – Phoenix, AZ
8/21/2019 The Rec Center – Los Angeles, CA
8/22/2019 The Justice Center – San Jose, CA
8/23/2019 Eli’s, Oakland, CA
8/24/2019 Boxcar Ballroom – Weed, CA
8/25/2019 TBA – Portland, OR

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