Collapsing Scenery, the button-pushing mixed-media duo of Don Devore (Lilys, Ink & Dagger, The Icarus Line, Amazing Baby) and Reggie Debris, released their album Stress Positions a couple weeks back. It's quite the gonzo record that mixes post-punk, shoegaze, hip hop, dance music and more into one heady cocktail. If you haven't checked it out you can stream it below. We've got the premiere of the striking video for "St Seraphim Redux" which was directed by Fiona Godivier (Fat White Family's "When I Leave") and stars dancer Astra Marie. "The idea behind Collapsing Scenery’s video clip was to portray the scene of a typical Los Angeles. We found the magnetic character Astra through Instagram and wanted to film long shots of her being possessed in a motel room," says Godivier. "For me the character and the set are, in a way, a strong image/symbol of Hollywood’s madness and its fascination around beauty and body. I wanted to film something very cinematic for collapsing scenery." Astra adds, "It was a trippy experience y'all I was really in a trance. I felt so free and liberated after filming this literally boosted me mentally and spiritually I saw my worth differently. I am a muse and can bring life to anything in this body." You can watch the "St Seraphim Redux" video below.

You can catch Collapsing Scenery in NYC on July 19 in Tompkins Square Park opening for post-punk icons Bush Tetras. It's a release show for Stress Positions, with ZAH and Nymph also on the bill and that's a free, all-ages show, happening 2-6 PM. Flyer is below.

Collapsing Scenery 07-19 Tompkins Square Park, NYC

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