Mofie is the moniker of Fort Collins, Colorado musician Morgan Fields, who self-released her debut EP Black Hole last year. It was produced by Gleemer's Corey Coffman, and its shoegazy atmosphere pairs well with Corey's band, but Morgan also has a folky, singer/songwriter approach that gives these songs a different vibe than you might expect from the word "shoegaze." The EP caught the attention of Other People Records, who will give it a vinyl release this Friday (3/11), and pre-orders for that are launching Friday. Along with the news, we're premiering her new video for opening track "Swing & A Miss," directed by Ben Ward and Matt Wade.

"It’s about transitioning into adulthood and wanting to be taken seriously, but having no idea what you’re doing at the same time," Morgan says of the song. "It’s about celebrating the small victories." Check it out below.

Mofie is also working on her first full-length with producer Bennett Littlejohn (Hovvdy), and that's set to release later this year. Stay tuned.


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