One of the latest and greatest entries into Griselda's unstoppable run is Conway the Machine's new album From King to a GOD (read our review), and now -- like fellow Griselda member Benny the Butcher did earlier this year -- Conway recorded a Tiny Desk (Home) Concert for NPR. He didn't actually do it at home -- he did it at the Queens branch of Sweet Chick (with a nice assortment of records behind him) -- and he performed his full set with a plate of chicken and waffles in front of him. (They must have gotten cold!) The concert starts right away with "Lemon" off the new album, and after that song, Conway discusses the killing of George Floyd and the recent protests, and how that inspired the new album's "Front Lines," which he goes on to perform.

Conway then does the older track "OverDose," followed by "The Cow," which he calls "one of [the] most personal and transparent records I ever wrote" and discusses how it's about the death of Chine Gun (Conway's cousin and Benny's half brother) and also about Conway himself getting shot which led to being permanently paralyzed in the face. It's the most moving portion of an all-around great set, which then concludes with "Anza" from his new album. Watch below:

And if you haven't seen it yet, watch Benny's too:


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